The company Rekvi OÜ was created in 1996. Since 1999 the main activity of the company has been wholesale trade of cosmetics, hair dyes, perfumes and household cleaning products on the Estonian market. Today we present in Estonia several well-known Russian, Belarusian and Polish producers. We also offer to our customers parapharmaceutical cosmetics for  health, from known brands: “Spasatel”("Lifeguard"), “Spasatelny krug”  ("Life Cycle") and series "911"

The main competitive advantages of Rekvi OÜ are:


The company has an extensive network of representatives in Estonia, which carry out distribution of products of our business partners.The products are distributed by leading network operators in Estonia, such as: Rimi Eesti Food AS, Selver AS, Tallinna Kaubamaja AS. Tartu Kaubamaja AS, Maxima Eesti OÜ, ETK, Koduextra OÜ, Lepiku Kauplused OÜ and other stores. Also, the company works with medical network operators: Magnum Medical, Tamro, Farmac, Euroapteek, that deliver products from our partners to pharmacies in Estonia.

The company regularly offers and provides actions, presentations and campaigns in the chain stores to maintain sales in the ground range.
Flexible pricing policy that takes into account both external and internal economic factors, has a system of discounts and multiple payment options that allow our customers to choose the best option for them to co-operate.

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